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Marvel Champions LCG: Spider-Ham


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Product Information

Product TypeGioco da Tavolo
Min Players 1
Max Players 4
Language Italiano
Age 14+
Duration 60
Autor Michael Boggs
Ean 3558380089155
Brand Asterion - Asmodee
Number of reviews 0

Product Description

Marvel Champions LCG: Spider-Ham è un'espansione per il Gioco da Tavolo Marvel Champions LCG completamente in Italiano.

Peter, un semplice ragno che è stato morso da un maiale radioattivo, si è trasformato in un suino antropomorfo. 
Con le spettacolari capacità di un aracnide e i limiti fisici di un maiale, Spider-Ham ha dedicato la sua vita a combattere le ingiustizie!
Questo pack eroe da 60 carte include un mazzo Spider-Ham precostruito insieme a:

  • Nuove carte da poter aggiungere a qualsiasi altro mazzo eroe di Marvel Champions.
  • Un nuovo set modulare che può essere aggiunto a qualsiasi scenario.
  • Un set nemesi dedicato a Gobbler

Carte e Bustine Protettive:

    60 carte - misura 63,5x88

Descriizone BGG:

Greetings, citizens! You’ve met high-flying heroes, super-genius scientists, and cosmic sorcerers. You’ve seen awe-inspiring Avengers, grandstanding Guardians, and wondrous Web-Warriors. Now, it’s time for the porcine powerhouse, the spectacular super-pig, the wacky web-slinger, the one and only…Spider-Ham! This cartoon wonder WHAMs his way into players’ games of Marvel Champions: The Card Game with zany aplomb. Utilizing his wacky cartoon physics and goofy antics, Spider-Ham can take hits like a champ and thwart villains’ schemes with all sorts of colorful nonsense. With this Hero Pack, players will find Spider-Ham, his fifteen signature cards, and a full assortment of Justice cards inviting them to ruin the villains’ plans. This pack also includes a bonus modular encounter set featuring the iconic and terrifying Inheritors.

For players ready to challenge the Sinister Six, they can get started with the Spider-Ham Hero Pack! This expansion comes with a 40-card pre-built deck, giving players the chance to start playing right out of the box.


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