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Ugin, the Spirit Dragon

Core Set 2021




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Product Information

Product TypeCarta Singola
Artist Raymond Swanland
Number 1
Multiverse id 485324
Converted mana cost 8
Ingame name Ugin, the Spirit Dragon
Timeshifted --
Set name Core Set 2021
Toughness --
Language English
Border Black
Power --
Condition M/NM
Foil Yes
Starter --
Frame effects --
Type Planeswalker — Ugin
Reserved --
Layout Normal
Image name Ugin, the Spirit Dragon-9c017fa9-7021-417a-9c2e-3df409644fcf.jpg
Mana cost {8}
Loyalty 7
Mtgjson version Old
Oracle text +2: Ugin, the Spirit Dragon deals 3 damage to target creature or player. −X: Exile each permanent with converted mana cost X or less that's one or more colors. −10: You gain 7 life, draw seven cards, then put up to seven permanent cards from your hand onto the battlefield.
Watermark --
Set code M21
Italian name Ugin, lo Spirito Drago
Tax --
Colors --
Rarity Mythic Rare
Flavor --
Number of reviews 0

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