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Zahid, Djinn of the Lamp




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Product Information

Product TypeCarta Singola
Availability In stock (1 available)
Foil Yes
Starter --
Number 76
Italian name Zahid, Genio della Lampada
Layout Normal
Power 5
Mana cost {4}{U}{U}
Timeshifted --
Border Black
Artist Magali Villeneuve
Flavor "I do as I please, little mortal. Do go on about your wishes, though—they amuse me to no end."
Language English
Reserved --
Colors Blue
Watermark --
Image name Zahid, djinn of the lamp
Toughness 6
Set name Dominaria
Set code DOM
Ingame name Zahid, Djinn of the Lamp
Type Legendary Creature — Djinn
Oracle text You may pay {3}{U} and tap an untapped artifact you control rather than pay this spell's mana cost. Flying
Multiverse id 442964
Condition M/NM
Loyalty --
Rarity Rare
Converted mana cost 6
Number of reviews 0

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