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Yosei, the Morning Star

Iconic Masters


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Product Information

Product TypeCarta Singola
Availability In stock (10 available)
Starter --
Timeshifted --
Reserved --
Power 5
Colors White
Set name Iconic Masters
Number 39
Loyalty --
Rarity Rare
Image name Yosei, the morning star
Converted mana cost 6
Flavor The caress of the morning star frees all from the clutch of darkness.
Condition M/NM
Mana cost {4}{W}{W}
Layout Normal
Language English
Italian name Yosei, Stella del Mattino
Border Black
Foil --
Multiverse id 438605
Watermark --
Type Legendary Creature — Dragon Spirit
Toughness 5
Artist Chris Rahn
Set code IMA
Ingame name Yosei, the Morning Star
Oracle text Flying When Yosei, the Morning Star dies, target player skips his or her next untap step. Tap up to five target permanents that player controls.
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