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Xantid Swarm

Eternal Masters



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Product Information

Product TypeCarta Singola
Availability Unavailable
Flavor When they land on you, all you can think about is tearing them off.
Starter --
Italian name Sciame Xantide
Set name Eternal Masters
Timeshifted --
Converted mana cost 1
Reserved --
Language English
Image name Xantid swarm
Multiverse id 413735
Set code EMA
Border Black
Layout Normal
Colors Green
Power 0
Artist David Martin
Foil --
Ingame name Xantid Swarm
Watermark --
Type Creature — Insect
Mana cost {G}
Condition M/NM
Number 193
Oracle text Flying Whenever Xantid Swarm attacks, defending player can't cast spells this turn.
Rarity Rare
Toughness 1
Loyalty --
Number of reviews 0

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