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Winds of Rath

Commander 2018


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Product Information

Product TypeCarta Singola
Availability In stock (6 available)
Italian name Venti di Rath
Power --
Ingame name Winds of Rath
Image name Winds of rath
Toughness --
Multiverse id 451034
Flavor "There shall be a vast shout and then a vaster silence." —Oracle en-Vec
Condition M/NM
Set code C18
Mana cost {3}{W}{W}
Foil --
Border Black
Loyalty --
Rarity Rare
Reserved --
Layout Normal
Converted mana cost 5
Starter --
Watermark --
Number 79
Type Sorcery
Timeshifted --
Colors White
Set name Commander 2018
Artist Drew Tucker
Language English
Oracle text Destroy all creatures that aren't enchanted. They can't be regenerated.
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