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Warping Wurm



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Product Information

Product TypeCarta Singola
Starter --
Timeshifted --
Flavor Even wurms start out small.
Multiverse id 3558
Condition M/NM
Loyalty --
Mana cost {2}{G}{U}
Artist Scott M. Fischer
Set name Mirage
Power 1
Rarity Rare
Colors Blue, Green
Reserved Yes
Foil --
Watermark --
Italian name Wurm Temporale
Toughness 1
Type Creature — Wurm
Converted mana cost 4
Language English
Oracle text Phasing (This phases in or out before you untap during each of your untap steps. While it's phased out, it's treated as though it doesn't exist.) At the beginning of your upkeep, Warping Wurm phases out unless you pay {2}{G}{U}. When Warping Wurm phases in, put a +1/+1 counter on it.
Border Black
Number --
Layout Normal
Ingame name Warping Wurm
Image name Warping wurm
Set code MIR
Number of reviews 0

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