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The Search for Planet X


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Product Information

Product TypeGioco da Tavolo
Min Players 1
Max Players 4
Language Italiano
Age 13+
Duration 60
Autor Matthew O'Malley
Brand Uplay
Number of reviews 0

Product Description

The Search for Planet X è un Gioco da Tavolo in Italiano di  Matthew O'Malley edito da Uplay.

The Search for Planet X è un gioco per 1-4 giocatori della durata di circa 60 minuti raccomandato da 13 anni in su.

Nel gioco vestirai i panni di alcuni astronomi che dal 2016 stanno cercando il Pianeta X (che si ipotizza essere il nono pianeta del sistema solare). Lo scopo principale del gioco è quello di individuare in quale settore del tabellone è nascosto il Pianeta X! Durante questa indagine il ruolo degli astronomi sarà quello di effettuare osservazioni e deduzioni logiche utili nella ricerca del misterioso pianeta.

Carte e Bustine Protettive:

    4 carte - misura 80x120

Descrizione BGG:

At the edge of our solar system, a dark planet may lurk. In 2015, astronomers estimated a large distant planet could explain the unique orbits of dwarf planets and other objects. Since then, astronomers have been scanning the sky, hoping to find this planet.

In The Search for Planet X, players take on the role of astronomers who use observations and logical deductions to search for this hypothetical planet. Each game, the companion app randomly selects an arrangement of objects and a location for Planet X following predefined logic rules.

Each round, as the earth travels around the sun, players use the app to perform scans and attend conferences. As they gain information about the location of the objects, they mark that information on their deduction sheets. As players learn the locations of the various objects, they can start publishing theories, which is how players score points.

As more and more objects are found, players narrow down the possible locations for Planet X. Once a player believes they know its location and the objects on either side of it, they use the app to conduct a search. The game ends when a player successfully locates Planet X, and all players have a final chance to score some additional points.

The Search for Planet X captures the thrill of discovery, the puzzle-y nature of astronomical investigation, and the competition inherent in the scientific process. Can you be the first to find Planet X?

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