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Super Fantasy Brawl


Pre-orderable available from December 2022

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Product Information

Product TypeGioco da Tavolo
Language Italiano
Min Players 2
Max Players 4
Age 14+
Duration 40
Autor Jochen Eisenhuth
Brand Mythic Games
Number of reviews 0

Product Description

Super Fantasy Brawl è un Gioco da Tavolo in italiano di Jochen Eisenhuth edito da Mythic Games.

Super Fantasy Brawl è un gioco per 2-4 giocatori della durata di circa 40 minuti raccomandato da 14 anni in su.

Super Fantasy Brawl gioco di miniature da arena veloce, divertente, competitivo, ricco di scontri e con diversi 9 campioni per rendere le cose più interessanti! Unisciti all'Arena e combatti da eroe! Gioca le tue carte azione, sblocca gli obiettivi e sali di livello; migliora il tuo campione per uscirne vincitore!

Carte e Bustine Protettive:

    42 carte - misura 63,5x88
    22 carte - misura 45x68

Descrizione BGG:

In the land of Fabulosa, powerful magics have rendered war obsolete. With nothing else to compete for, the bored populace has turned to the Super Brawl for entertainment. These same powerful magics are now used to reach back into the timelines to pluck out the finest warriors from every civilization in order to compete against each other in the greatest entertainment spectacle ever staged.

Super Fantasy Brawl is a fun, fast-paced competitive miniatures board game. Players select a team of three champions and combine their unique action cards to create a synergistic action deck. The game is faction-free, so players have their choice of any combination of champions they wish. Each turn, the players use their hand of action cards to maneuver, attack, displace enemies, and claim objectives to score victory points.

The objectives in Super Fantasy Brawl are only scored at the beginning of a players' turn, ensuring that you always get a chance to disrupt your enemy's plans and position your champions to score the objective for yourself. This tactical to-and-fro continues until one player reaches the victory point threshold, declaring themselves the winner and advancing towards victory in the Super Brawl tournament!

Super Fantasy Brawl will also offer a 2v2 mode for 4 players to clash in an all-out melee mashup!


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