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Super Fantasy Brawl: Circle of Blood


Pre-orderable available from December 2022

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Product Information

Product TypeGioco da Tavolo
Min Players 2
Max Players 4
Language Italiano
Age 14+
Duration 40
Autor Jochen Eisenhuth
Brand Mythic Games
Number of reviews 0

Product Description

Super Fantasy Brawl: Circle of Blood è un'espansione per il Gioco da Tavolo Super Fantasy Brawl

Una battaglia riguarda il sanguinamento degli altri e il sanguinamento di te stesso. Incontra i campioni che amano il sapore del sangue dell'espansione Circle of Blood! Korvash, il Possessore di Scornblade, probabilmente non sarebbe molto senza il potere della sua spada, e una volta che ha assaporato il sangue dei suoi nemici, ne vuole sempre di più! Mariusz, The Cursed, è uno che si fa notare quando si arrabbia, e con le sue carte Distruzione ottiene un potere speciale quando è insanguinato! Rath, The Stalker Beneath, è l'assassino più fidato e letale di Kilgore. Ti insegnerà quanto il doppio gioco e il veleno possano ferire.

Descrizione BGG:

Add to the roster of your Champions with the Circle of Blood! This expansion adds Korvash, Mariusz, and Rath to your Champions. Let’s take a look at them! When Korvash grasped the hilt of the old blade he found in the tomb, his mind was consumed with dark visions; promises of a world on fire, and of his enemies kneeling before him. Filled with a desire to make his dreams a reality, he submitted to the presence within the sword, becoming its willing servant. Korvash would go on to take over his tribe, and lead them in a bloody conquest of the Hillsglade. Korvash’s confidence and power grew with every victory. But the visions never stopped, and Scornblade’s hunger was never sated.

The life of Mariusz Demont has never been easy, despite being born into nobility. A member of the Moontouched, Mariusz showed no sign of lycanthropy, relegating him to a life of service to
his older, more blessed brothers. Treated with contempt throughout his life, it was during an attack that left his father Angren dead that Mariusz’s gift revealed itself. Exploding into a rage-filled beast, he slaughtered friend and foe alike, his years of torment blinding him to his bloodlust. Despised by his own people as a traitor, Mariusz counted none his ally as he continued his cursed existence.

As Kilgore’s armies grew, so too did the strength of his enemies. Many enemies were crushed on the battlefield, but others needed a subtler touch. These enemies attract the attention of Rath, Kilgore’s most trusted and lethal assassin. A subterran of incredible agility and ferocity, he is the deadliest weapon in Kilgore’s arsenal, able to slip quietly into any location, and execute his target. Rath served Kilgore loyally for many years, reveling in the chaos and destruction he wrought.


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