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50 Card Sleeves Mayday PREMIUM 57,5x89 Bustine Protettive Giochi da Tavolo Buste



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Product Information

Product TypeBustine Protettive
Number of Items 50
Lenght 88
Width 57,5
Ean 0080162892569
Brand Mayday
Number of reviews 1

Product Description

Bustine Protettive ultra chiare, per la protezione delle carte dei giochi da tavolo. Proteggono e prolungano la vita delle carte. 100 per pacco. Acid Free, NO-Pvc. Giochi supportati:A Game of Thrones Board Game, A Game of Thrones Clash Of Kings, A Game of Thrones Storm Of Swords, Acquire 1976 version, Adventurers, Agora, Android, Apples to Apples, Arkham Horror Lurker at the Threshold, Arkham Horror Black Goat, Arkham Horror Board Game Investigator Cards, Arkham Horror Dark Pharaoh, Arkham Horror Dunwich, Arkham Horror Innsmouth, Arkham Horror King In Yellow, Arkham Horror Kingsport Horror, Arkham Horror Miskatonic Horror, Arkham Horror Total, Aye, Battles of Napoleon The Eagle and the Lion 2010 , Battles of Westeros, Battlestar Galactica, Battlestar Galactica Pegasus Expansion, Bottle Imp, Brawl, Chaos In The Old World, Chez Geek, Citadels, Clue, Clue 1st Edition 1949 Classic Reproduction, Colossal Arena, Condottiere, Conflict of Heroes Awakening the Bear Russia 194142, Cosmic Encounter Avelon Hill 2000, Cosmic Encounter Westend Games 1986, DDay at Omaha Beach, Death Note Investigation Card Game 2009 , Descent Alter of Despair, Descent Road to Legend, Descent Tomb Of Ice, Descent Journeys In The Dark, Descent Well Of Darkness, Doom Board Game, Doom Board Game Exp, Elfenland, Empire Builder 2002 Edition, Fairy Tale Zman, Freeze 2010 , Frenzy, Fury of Dracula, Great Wall Of China, Greyhawk Wars, HysteriCoach, Kings Vineyard, Letter of Marque, Limits, Little Grey Rabbit, Mansions of Madness, Master Builder 2008, Middle Earth Quest, Modern Art Mayfair Version, Mousquetaires du Roy 2010 , Neue Welten 2010 , Nexus, Nobody But Us Chickens, Nottingham, Parthenon, Pit, Prize Property opportunity cards, Racko, RackO, REco, Risk Lord of the Rings Version, Rock Out of the Box, Roma, Run Wild Out of the Box, Rune Age, Runebound Expansion Decks, Runebound Frozen Wastes, Runebound Sands of AlKalim, Runebound Base All Expansions, Runebound Island of Dread, Runebound Mists of Zanaga, Runebound Second Edition, Runewars, Senji, Set Family Game of Visual Perception, Shazamm, Slapshot, Sleuth 1971 3M Gamette ed large cards, Slide 5 Slide Five, Smiley Face, Space Hulk Death Angel The Card Game, Starcraft Brood War, Starcraft Game All Expansions, Starcraft The Board Game, Stronghold, Super Circles Out of the Box, Tales of Arabian Nights, Tide Of Iron, Tide of Iron Complete Base All Expansions, Tide Of Iron Days Of The Fox, Tide Of Iron Normandy, Timeu2019s Up , Timeu2019s Up Expansion Set 1 , Timeu2019s Up Expansion Set 2 , Too Many Cooks, Union Pacific, US Patent 1, Walking Dead Board Game, War of the Ring, War of the Ring Battles of the 3rd Age, Warcraft The Board Game, Warhammer Fantasy Role Play, Witch Trial, Zombie State Diplomacy of the Dead, 7 Ages 6000 Years of Human History

Customer Reviews

  1. Bustine perfette e spedizione rapidissima!

    Mi sono già servito da loro, sono una certezza! Spedizione in tempi record e la solita qualità del prodotto!

    Reviewed by Guido Marzucchi on Feb. 24, 2017, 4:24 p.m. | Permalink

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