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100 Sleeves Sapphire CHIMERA USA 57,5x89 Bustine Protettive x Giochi da Tavolo


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Product Information

Product TypeBustine Protettive
Availability In stock (24 available)
Color Trasparente
Lenght 89
Width 57,5
Number of Items 100
Ean 8033324549032
Brand Sapphire
Number of reviews 1

Product Description

100 Bustine protettive di dimensione Chimera USA 57,5mm x 89mm della linea Sapphire. Spessore di 6 micron, per una protezione maggiore dei vostri giochi di carte. Confezione arancione.

Adatte per: 7 Ages: 6000 Years of Human History, Acquire, Agora, Apples to Apples, Arkham Horror, Battlestar Galactica, Brawl, Chaos in the Old World, Citadels, Clue, Cosmic Encounter, Descent, Elfenland, HysteriCoach, Limits, Little Grey Rabbit, Mare Nostrum, Middle Earth Quest, Modern Art, Nexus, Pit, Racko, Rack-O, Risiko Lord of the Rings Version, Runebound, Set, Slide 5, Too Many Cooks, Union Pacific, US Patent 1, Witch Tria.

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