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Windborne Charge

Conspiracy: Take the Crown


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Product Information

Product TypeCarta Singola
Availability In stock (11 available)
Foil --
Loyalty --
Set code CN2
Reserved --
Flavor The merfolk call the sky goddess Emeria. The kor call her Kamsa. The two races agree on little except that she offers many blessings to the faithful.
Colors White
Number 100
Language English
Artist Ryan Pancoast
Starter --
Italian name Carica Portata dal Vento
Power --
Border Black
Layout Normal
Oracle text Two target creatures you control each get +2/+2 and gain flying until end of turn.
Multiverse id 416857
Rarity Uncommon
Mana cost {2}{W}{W}
Ingame name Windborne Charge
Set name Conspiracy: Take the Crown
Condition M/NM
Timeshifted --
Converted mana cost 4
Type Sorcery
Toughness --
Watermark --
Image name Windborne charge
Number of reviews 0

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