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Throw Throw Avocado


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Product Information

Product TypeGioco da Tavolo
Min Players 2
Max Players 6
Language Italiano
Age 7+
Ean 0810083042558
Duration 15
Autor Matthew Inman
Brand Asterion - Asmodee
Number of reviews 0

Product Description

Throw Throw Avocado è un Gioco da Tavolo in Italiano di  Matthew Inman e Asmodee Italia per 2-6 giocatori, durata circa 15 min, età 7+

Ebbene sì, i burrito non saranno più soli! Ecco finalmente la nuova versione con Avocado morbidosi e pucciosi, da lanciare contro i vostri amici (o nemici XD)!

COMPATIBILE CON: THROW THROW BURRITO per partite sempre più entusiasmanti!

Un gioco di carte per chi ama (tirare) gli Avocado.
Si tratta di una combinazione tra un gioco di carte e duelli all’ultimo sangue, dove i giocatori si sfidano faccia a faccia collezionando carte, guadagnando punti e tirandosi addosso degli Avocado.

Carte e Bustine Protettive:

    120 carte - misura 63,5x88

Descrizione BGG:

Throw Throw Avocado is unlike any game you’ve played before. In this dodgeball card game, go head to head with your opponents collecting cards while throwing and avoiding squishy, adorable Avocados. Play Throw Throw Avocado as a standalone sequel, or use the BONUS deck of cards included and combine them with the cards from Throw Throw Burrito to unlock a new combo game using all four throwables!

How it works: Place a pair of avocados on a table and draw cards. Keep your cards a secret. Rack up points by finding sets of three in the deck. Find matches before anyone else does. If someone plays Avocado Cards, a Battle ensues. Steal points from your opponents by hitting them with squishy toy avocados. Declare war on your friends. Some battles only involve a handful of players. Others force the entire table to engage in a Avocado War. Duel to determine the winner. During an Avocado Duel, two players must stand back to back, walk three paces, and FIRE.

There is no distinct turn structure. All players are picking and passing cards constantly, similar to Spoons. Once a player has a match of any of the varieties, play will change to the various Avocado Duels - Double Brawl, Legs Duel, Freeze War - where some or all players will throw the squishy Avocado at other players.

To win a player has to accumulate a set number of points. Collecting matching cards and matching battle cards earns positive points, and losing Avocado Duels earns negative points. The first player to reach a specified amount (usually five), wins.

- A fun new sequel to Throw Throw Burrito, the world’s first ever dodgeball card game.
- Collect matching cards, earn points and throw Avocados at one another.
- Includes 120 cards, instruction manual, 6 Avocado Boo Boos, 1 Fear Me Badge and 2 foam Avocados soft enough to throw at your Great-Aunt Martha without feeling guilty.
- Includes a BONUS combo pack of 36 cards that can be combined with your Throw Throw Burrito cards to play the ultimate, epic combo game!


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